Chad Boespflug

Regional Ambassador

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Chad Boespflug, USAC National Sprint Car Driver has been racing since he was 9 years old. For the past 20 years he has chased his dream to become a professional race car driver, but it hasn’t always been easy. Although he may seem like a normal guy to the average race fan he is very much different than most race car drivers. At age 16 Chad had just received his driver’s license and had made a big jump in chasing his dream as a racecar driver, moving forward to the next level of competitive racing, then he experienced his first epilepsy spell.

“Things were going great until that day in auto shop class, things for me changed forever. After months of doctors’ appointments and tests I was diagnosed with Nocturnal Epilepsy. I myself know these struggles and the burden epilepsy puts not only yourself but your family as well. Having any form of epilepsy is a very scary thing. Not knowing why the spells are happening, when the next one will come, or how to even prevent the next one. I thought my dreams were over. In the moment I thought years of working hard to keep advancing in my career were all a waste. With the great a support from my family, friends, and doctors, I had the push I needed to work hard and overcome the challenges of epilepsy. Epilepsy can put restriction on a lot of things, but don’t let it stop you from chasing your dreams.” – Chad Boespflug

Today Chad is a successful professional USAC National Sprint Car driver competing at the top level in non wing sprint car racing across the world. Having lived through the struggles and realities that come with epilepsy this is not something that discourages Chad and his drive to continue to perform at his highest level in auto racing, instead his past drives him to be even more successful. Chad first shared his story publicly at the Epilepsy Foundation’s Unmasking the Myth’s Gala hosted in Indianapolis, IN. Since that day he has continued to raise awareness for the Epilepsy Foundation. Together with the Epilepsy Foundation Chad’s goal is to bring awareness to youth to not loose hope and especially to not stop chasing your dreams just because you have been diagnosed with Epilepsy.