Lauren Sheets

AvE Ambassador

Lauren grew up in Indiana but moved to Santa Monica in 2019.  At 26 years old, Lauren has been living with epilepsy for about 14 years.  Long story short, during those 14 years, there have been, and continue to be, a lot of ups and downs, tests, medications, questions, and usually, not a lot of answers.

She has been involved in sports her whole life.  Unfortunately, when Lauren was 13 years old, epilepsy put an end to her first love, soccer - at the time my diagnosis was not quite confirmed and she was seeing a doctor who was not a fan of a sport where the chances of me getting hit in the head were rather high.  After that, Lauren went on a search for my new sport, there was no way epilepsy was going to completely sideline her. Finding tennis, Lauren was determined to overcome this new obstacle somehow.  She put everything she had into it and fell back in love.  Over the years, even with many seizures, she has continued to become more active. 

Lauren also boxes (no sparring, just for fitness), all while having both grand mal and “simple” partial seizures.  One of her biggest accomplishments was running a marathon in January 2020 - I actually took my medication on the course to make sure the timing was right. She currently belongs to Box n Burn in Santa Monica and workouts regularly with a personal trainer.  Her ultimate goal is to complete an Ironman.  She has learned that even though she can still participate in most sports everyone else can, there are times she has to make adjustments to keep herself healthy and safe, and that is okay.