Spenser Jaye

Regional Ambassador

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Spenser Jaye has been an active soccer player ever since she could first kick a soccer ball. Playing the game that she loves for 17 years, but not without a few obstacles along the way. Spenser experienced her very first Grand Mal seizure at age 13. Epilepsy has definitely taken a toll on her life for the past 9 years. However, she didn’t let epilepsy stand in her way of playing the sport she loves as she made it all the way to the collegiate and international level.

As she slowly found the right medications, things started to fall into place. In 2014, Spenser got a scholarship to play Division I soccer at the University of Hawai’i. It was one of the greatest things she’s ever achieved, and she graduated with a degree in Sports Management in 2018. She then played one extra season of collegiate soccer at San Francisco State University while pursuing a second degree in Marketing.

Alongside her collegiate career in Hawai’i, she also played at the international level for the Guam Women’s National Team. Spenser’s family is Chamorro, with many of her relatives hailing from the island of Guam. She loves representing her family and island nation.

Epilepsy is not a curse but a blessing for Spenser. She has achieved many things and had to go through so much adversity on and off the field to get where she is today. She did not let epilepsy stop her from achieving her goals in club soccer, collegiate soccer, and at the international level.

Setbacks took a toll at times but did not prohibit her from fulfilling her dreams as both an athlete and a student. Spenser is excited to join Athletes vs. Epilepsy to give support to all athletes with epilepsy and encourage our society to support every athlete in achieving their dreams.